POSFlow: Lets end manual data-entry!

Save thousands by eliminating obsolete data-entry

POSFlow is a revolutionary step forward for brick & mortar stores who also operate an online store (or want to). Our service synchronises POS data directly to your online store, and has been designed to work 24/7 with no sick days or annual leave - it even works on weekends and public holidays!

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Revolutionary POSFlow Sync Hardware

Our customers get results

These are LIVE Averages for Tuesday 16th of April 2024 AEST


Stock Changes

Assuming your staff spent 1 min per change, this is the equivalent of 0 hours of work saved.


Pricing Changes

Assuming your staff spent 1 min per change, this is the equivalent of 0 hours of work saved.


Total Time Saved

Surely your staff would be best utilised interacting with customers and supporting sales? or basically any other task


Est. Manual Cost

This is determined by multiplying the total time spent of 0hrs by a minimum $20 hourly rate.



POSFlow Cost

This is all you would have needed to spend on POSFlow for the exact same work.

The eCommerce Experience

And how businesses are held back

Many of our customers have had one thing in common, teams of people whose sole responsibility is to keep updating products on the website.

There are major issues with this method:

  • Endless Data Entry
    The more success you experience, the greater the data-entry load
  • Evergrowing Expenses
    How can a business scale without spending their budget on employment for menial work?
  • Over-selling Stock
    Playing catch-up updating stock levels for fast moving stock
The ecommerce experience and how business are held back

How POSFlow makes the world of difference

Just imagine for a moment that you didn't need your staff to update your online store. How good would it be to know that you didn't need to constantly invest in even more staff just to perform data-entry roles.

This is the utopia that POSFlow provides.

Automated Product Updates

POSFlow synchronises key product data such as stock on hand, product pricing, promotions, dimensions & weights.

Value for Money

Gain a virtual employee that works 24/7 (incl. public holidays) for a fraction of the cost. POSFlow lives to crunch data.

A task of the past

Sit back, relax and enjoy the fact that data-entry is now a task of the past.

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